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Witness for the Public

  • Log photos, make, model and serial numbers of all your personal property and in case it's ever stolen, you can upload the information and network it to the police, pawn shop or whoever is in your Witness Network.
  • Keep current profiles of your children with photos, height, weight, in case they are ever missing.
  • Networkinformation about convicted criminals or active crime in your communities to friends, family, parents of your PTO or a neighborhood watch network.
  • Send a Witness event to any business you observe suspicious or criminal activity at. Theft, damage to property and many other crimes keep prices high for the rest of us and you can help reduce loss for all businesses.
  • Enhance and expedite communication with Law Enforcement or other government agencies by having a digital record of any crime you Witness.

Witness for Businesses

  • The Witness logo with your contact information displayed in and around your business will allow the public to be a key part of your shrink or loss prevention program.
  • Use Witness as your in-house guest tracking system. With the simple search of your database you can determine the presence of a special guest or a known criminal.
  • Witness works as a networking tool to track traveling criminals.
  • Turn those News Media or Radio Reports into Witness Reports. By putting the key words into a field format and networking it to your audience, you'll be giving them a valuable, searchable database.
  • Keep an electronic log of all vehicles and people with permission to be in your parking lots or garages, at your country club, in your apartment complex or at a private event.

Witness for Government

  • Receive detailed, legible, digital Witness reports for criminal cases.
  • Use Witness to help solve open crime cases.
  • Rely on the public and businesses for information they may be collecting and networking amongst themselves to help solve crimes.
  • The Offenses listed in Witness can be mapped for statistical purposes.
  • Encourage the social networking of Witness reports in your cities, counties and states as a psychological factor to reduce crime.
  • Release structured information back to the public for their private use.
  • Use Witness as part of your neighborhood or community watch programs.