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Citizen Solider LLC

My name is Jeremy Couch and I'm the owner and creator of the software app called Witness. The business name "Citizen Soldier" actually came after the creation of Witness, as I really didn't put a lot of thought into the business name until I was done creating the product (kind of like, when you name your child, sort of).

Anyway, Citizen Soldier was a very fitting name for my company, as I saw through my many work experiences in law enforcement, security and investigations that when asking people what they saw, heard, observed, etc I was expecting them to give me good information to help solve a crime or to assist them in some way.

Some of the challenges I was having when collecting information were: taking hand written notes from anyone and everyone who had information for me, communication barriers, if collecting written statements; poor handwriting or incomplete statements, major discrepancies in what two or more people observed and much, much more.

I not only wanted a tool that could assist the police, but businesses and the public as well. With Witness, I came up with a social networking product that gave everyone a standardized way of communicating key pieces of information detailing property, people and places in an event page display with field specific data. We all interact with these things everyday but when it came time to communicate information regarding them, we weren't very organized. Now you can be!

After creating an account, you simply need to share your WITNESS contact info with friends, family and others who have decided to network with WITNESS. You'll be able to build your address book and can contact individuals or your entire contact list with information from the acccount. The more you share, the more your database grows! 

Remember, with WITNESS, you can do things like: catalog valuables in the PROPERTY section, document a vevicle accident, make current profiles of your children in case they're ever missing, share digital WITNESS events with local Law Enforcement and MORE!

With the Witness Network App you too can be part of the Citizen Soldier revolution.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy my creation,
Jeremy Couch

ps. If you have any questions, call me direct at (316) 833-2777